Campus and Online Graduate Programs

Within this web resource, we have compiled articles and resources related to both campus and online graduate  programs. We aim to maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date information to help you decide on your best option for accredited graduate education, including masters, doctorate and post-graduate certificate programs of study.

Chances are that you are may be already working full time. Perhaps you also have additional responsibilities like taking care of your family. This means that flexibility is important to you. Each of the online graduate programs discussed here takes into consideration the fact that students in graduate programs require flexibility in order to complete the a graduate degree.

This site provides information on what it takes to get into a good, accredited graduate program, and what it takes to succeed. We also discuss what program accreditation means, and what to look for in an accredited degree program. An online education or distance learning program could the path to that degree that can give your career a boost.

If you are looking to learn more about online graduate degrees in business, education, engineering, library science, nursing, or public health, this is a good start. This website discusses graduate program requirements, including coursework, and income level upon graduation from the your graduate degree program as well as the career outlook in your chosen profession.

You can browse for degree programs in accredited universities and colleges offering online masters degrees, graduate certification (post-baccalaureate certification programs and post graduate certificates) and doctorate degrees in accounting, business, business administration, education, management, marketing, nursing, health care, information technology, and other areas of study. Areas of specialization in online graduate school programs include:

A Master’s degree is a graduate level degree earned at an accredited college or university. The masters program generally requires one to three years of coursework and/or research depending on the particular program of study.

Most masters degree programs require one to already hold a bachelors degree as a prerequisite for consideration into the program. The doctorate is an academic degree offered at the highest level of education and training. The two main doctoral degrees are the professorial doctorate and the research doctorate. Research doctorates are awarded in recognition of peer-reviewed academic research that is disseminated.

Professional doctoral degrees are awarded in fields like doctor of medicine (MD) or doctor of law (JD) where candidates seek professional licensure. To qualify to join a research doctoral program, candidates should first hold a masters degree, typically in a related area of study.

Whilst in the doctoral program, candidates must complete a program of study, fulfill candidacy requirements, conduct original research, write a thesis or dissertation and successfully defend the dissertation. Online graduate school programs are therefore an option for you if you are interested in furthering your career while remaining flexible.

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