Degree in Pharmacy

While pharmacy degrees programs online are less common, all states offer accredited pharmacy graduate programs in selected campus locations. A prospective student must show they have no less than the minimum grade point average as laid out by the school.

Proof of a strong academic understanding must be followed up by offering an up-to-date transcript. Many educational establishments will require their students to have successfully completed a bachelors degree before pursuing any Masters programs. Many people who enjoy learning about the various aspects of drugs and all they have to offer now often look to campus and online pharmacy degree programs to complete Masters programs. There are many educational institutions now offering these useful skills that open the door to many new interesting opportunities to those who have completed the course.

Pharmacy Education and Training

Depending on where you are applying the process may be a bit different in terms of how the selection of students is addressed however, often the admissions officers look to documents such as the graduate record exam as a strong indicator of who would be an appropriate student. Having this test successfully completed before applying to the school of your choice is a positive step toward being admitted into the program.

Having letters of recommendation to offer the school of your choice often is looked upon as a useful tool in the selection process. It is also strongly recommended that you supply the school with a letter written by you that explain why you would like to become part of the program being offered and how you believe you can benefit from it.

The curriculum of various online pharmacy degrees will probably have some differences. Most of the main aspects of the program will remain very much the same. Common teaching practices would include introducing you to pharmacology, understanding the human anatomy as well as the physiology of the human body, science related studies such as biology, chemistry, ethics and research design are among the many skills you will learn during your program.

Pharmacy Careers

If you have had the opportunity to gain some work experience before you begin your endeavor to get a masters this will be excellent on your record. In fact, nowadays many educational programs require at least a minimal amount of on-the-job experience before consideration.

Once having completed the program in its entirety, many people go on to do a wide variety of different jobs. Some of the jobs may include marketing and sales, research and testing or working within various aspects of government or the public sector.

Estimated Income and Projected Job Outlook

The income received by a person who has completed the program will appear different with each person for a variety of different reasons. While the average person will make an income that varies depending on the contract (temporary hourly rate) which ranges between $50.00-$60.00 per hour, or $100,000 to $120,000 annual income for full-time employment.

The median wage of pharmacists was $111,570 in 2010. The lowest 10% earned less than $82,090, and the top 10% earned more than $138,620. Employment of pharmacists is expected to increase by 25 percent from 2010 to 2020 (Bureau of Labor Statistics – BLS).

The healthcare system continues to rely on the skills of those trained in areas like campus and online pharmacy degrees and programs to help them continue to serve the population. As the field continuously grows and evolves into a stronger system the need for people with such skills shows no sign of lessening at this time.